Germa Vacuum Pillows

The Vacuum Pillows consist of a strong airtight shell containing larger quantity of granules made of polystyrene.

  • Can be shaped and reshaped in seconds
  • Density and firmness can be easily adjusted
  • Durable, strong PVC-film in shell, easy to clean and disinfect for multiple client use
  • To support stabilization of children and adults during CT guided interventions

When air is evacuated by use of i.e. the one-hand-operated vacuum pump or in-room suction, the pillow becomes stable in the chosen form and stiffness.
When the valve is released, allowing air into the pillow, the Germa Vacuum Pillow regains its flexibility and is ready to be reshaped again. The Vacuum Pillow forms a firm support for most parts of the body uniformly, with weight evenly distributed, reducing the risk of pressure points. Can be used to accommodate structural deformities and is also appropriate for temporary posture correction.

  • Germa Vacuum Pillows are made of PVC-film or PVC coated fabric with vacuum valve
  • Inner bag in nylon. Granules of polystyrene
  • Germa Vacuum Pumps are made of aluminium and robust plastic
  • Works with any in-room suction system

 The Germa Pillows comes in different sizes.

200x80cm, for supporting patients

100x80cm, for supporting patients or extremeties

55x30cm, for supporting extremeties

For ordering:
NeoRad article number 22392200000.


The Low-Cost Positioning Grid for Quick, Accurate CT Biopsies and Drainage Procedures

  • Cuts down on repositioning by finding the point of entry quickly and accurately, thus reducing repeated x-ray exposure
  • Helps prevent cross-contamination with one-time use only
  • Allows precise pinpointing of area with marking pen
  • Helps provide greater patient comfort

The Fast Find Grid is a simple, disposable tool that can be used for all computed tomography (CT) guided biopsies and drainage procedures, regardless of the body part. This includes thyroid, lung, liver, abdominal, pelvic and extremity biopsies and drainages.

Why should doctors use the Fast Find Grid? It's about saving time.

  • By increasing the accuracy of needle placement with 1 cm markings on the grid.
  • By reducing the number of needle re-positioning and rescanning with radio-opaque markers prior to needle placement.
  • No slipping: Taped edges assures it stays in place.
  • Extremely flexible. Conforms to areas scanned, no problem to position

Item # 680-450

Description: Fast Find Grid for CT Biopsy