Simplify is a unique releasable needle holder and guide that may be your spare hand during interventions.
Made as a sterile disposable it's single-use and being all plastic it makes no artifacts on a CT image. It has also been tested in the MR environment and is completely MR safe and compatible.

With it's affordability, ease of use, and flexibility it is a great tool. Being releasable one can easily attached the needle holder during the procedure or remove it and convert back to freehand should that be preferred.

Simplify is adjustable for easy angling of the needle and can be applied or removed with the needle inserted. It can be used with needles from 12-25 Gauge.
  • The supported size range of needles or catheters are from 12G to >20G.
  • Being all plastic, Simplify is MR compatible.
  • Releasable for easy removal without withdrawing the needle.
  • Simplify is cleared for marketing and sale in US and EU and selected other countries. Contact NeoRad for more information.
  • Simplify and it's logo is an applied trademark of NeoRad AS and the device is protected by international pending patents.
Simplify comes in boxes of 5 and can be ordered directly from NeoRad.


To order please send a mail to, or use the form below.