SimpliCT is an interventional laser navigation device for use with CT, PET-CT and advanced 3D angio labs (Cone Beam CT), for non vascular interventions such as biopsies, ablations, drainages, infiltrations etc.

SimpliCT uses a laser beam to significantly improve the accuracy of computed tomography (CT/CBCT)-guided puncture procedures. In addition to improving accuracy, SimpliCT navigation device has proven to reduce radiation dose to operator and patient.

Benefits for SimpliCT laser navigation device
  • Works with CT, PET-CT and Cone Beam CT
  • Easy installation with Mavig Portegra2 ceiling system
  • Reduced radiation dose to operator and patient
  • Facilitates procedures in z-axis (angulation plane or gantry tilt)
  • Fewer needle passes per patient
  • Quicker procedure
  • Safer procedure
  • Improved patient comfort
SimpliCT laser navigation is cleared for marketing and sale in the US, EU, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and many countries in the Middle-East and South America.

SimpliCT is a registered trademark of NeoRad AS and is protected by international patents.

Very easy to use

The design philosophy of SimpliCT is to let the user work as before. Simply add the step of setting the laser with the chosen needle entry angle, move the laser to the entry point, align the laser with the CT table and perform the procedure. Adding navigation to your procedure takes less than a minute.

Quick installation

SimpliCT is placed on a MAVIG Portegra2 ceiling arm widely available in most CT labs worldwide. Installation of the system can be performed by clicking a new arm in place on existing ceiling suspension systems.

No integration necessary

SimpliCT is a stand alone navigation device that do not require a separate workstation, new software or integration with existing CT scanners. It's ready to be used immediately, saving time and radiation.

Works with any CT or PET-CT scanner

SimpliCT laser navigation device works with any CT or PET-CT scanner.